Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Land of Hope" blog tour!

The blog tour celebrating the release of Junying Kirk's final book in the Journey to the West trilogy kicks off today! My stop will be Sunday (I will also be holding a giveaway starting on the 15th - originally I had one scheduled for November, but the person who was scheduled to do it that day apparently flaked out, so I'll be taking over the slot). Meantime, go by and visit the other folks in the tour at the following links.

Blog Tour Schedule

5th October: Guest Blog + Blurb + Author Bio

6th October: Book of the Month + Sample

7th October: Editorial Book Review & Blurb (updated with correct link for ease of navigation)

9th October: Book Review + Blurb

11th October: Interview + Blurb + Author Bio

12th October: Blurb + Author Bio + Excerpt

14th October: Book Review and Blurb

15th October: Interview & Give-away Giveaway will now be right here on Now is Gone!

16th October: Interview + Blurb

18th October: Excerpt + Guest Blog + Blurb

19th October: Review & Author Spotlight

20th October: Interview + Book Blurb + Author Bio

21st October: Interview + Blurb

22nd October: Review + Blurb + Author Bio

23rd October: Guest Blog +Blurb + Author Bio

24th October: Blurb + Author Spotlight

25th October: Excerpt, Blurb, Review & Give-away


  1. Thanks for stepping in, Katy :) Just to add that there is another stop on the 13th October: Guest Blog + Excerpt + Blurb Robert Pruneda - a chance to meet the handsome Jack Gordon, the male protagonist of the book :0

    1. Sorry - should've put up the whole new thing, but I hadn't really planned to edit it, but then realized as long as I was forwarding it I should just add the bits and ... well, you know how it goes ... LOL


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