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In today’s global culture, we are experiencing discontent of unknown proportions. Stories of anger, greed, and failure abound. Information, now handily in digital form, rushes at us in suffocating waves. If ever we needed access to the deepest truths, it is now. But how do we move from being effective leaders to being awakened leaders? In all of the publications in this segment to date, the story of a fully awakened being living in the corporate landscape of leadership has never been explored.

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WAKE UP YOUR INNER LEADER WITH ALAN SHELTON’S ‘AWAKENED LEADERSHIP: BEYOND SELF-MASTERY’ Inspiring work by leadership guru wins a 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Award   
OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Award-winning storyteller and gifted corporate mentor Alan Shelton spells success with a capital “L.”  

Leadership is the heart and soul of Shelton’s groundbreaking literary debut, “Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery,” winner of a 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Award and 2012 USA Best Book Award.  

Sharing personal stories of guidance and spirituality, Shelton walks with his readers every step of the way toward attaining authentic leadership skills. At the same time, his book challenges readers to think their own thoughts and shape their own attitudes.  

“I base my entire coaching process on the fact that the development of maturity within anyone births an expanded ability to lead,” Shelton says. “I care deeply about this leadership approach and have developed programs that blend my storytelling coaching style and executive education background to create a platform for internal and external leadership development.”  

“Awakened Leadership” (May 2012, Red Hatchet Press) has earned rave reviews from readers and leadership experts alike for giving readers the courage to put themselves out there and take chances along the way to self-discovery. Shelton’s unwavering passion and vigor is truly inspirational.  

“Alan helped me gain understanding about my true nature,” says Jerry Skillet, CEO of 24/7 Digital Inc. “Call it enlightenment, profound insight or self-actualization – it’s a shift that transformed my life.”  

Shelton is a corporate leadership coach in Oceanside, Calif., where he lives with his wife Justine. Through years of experience, he possesses a wealth of practical knowledge that translates to the business world and personal growth. Shelton’s clients have included the University of San Diego, VF Corp. and Celgene among others.  


Biography of Alan Shelton    

Alan Shelton is a leader who colors outside the lines, a corporate executive mentor with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gripping speaker who engages his audiences. With a reputation like that, it is no wonder that his book, “Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery,” has become so successful.  

Shelton graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah after completing missionary work in Peru. By 1977, Shelton had landed his first big gig in the corporate world at PricewaterhouseCoopers, now PwC, where his clients included IBM, Sunkist, Beckman Instruments and Toyota Motor Sales. His journey continued through 1990 when he sold his CPA firm, Shelton, Smith and Townsend, and turned to leadership training. Since then, his client list has grown to include the University of San Diego, Wrangler, VF Corp., The North Face, Celgene and many others.  

“Awakened Leadership,” published by Red Hatchet Press in May 2012, has taken the leadership world by storm. The book is the winner of a 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Award as well as a 2012 USA Best Book Award.  

Shelton advises and facilitates workshops for international businesses in Oceanside, Calif., where he lives in a refurbished fire station with his loving wife, Justine. He has two children, Kristin and Michael, who earned business degrees from the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona, respectively. 

Praise for Alan Shelton’s “Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery”  

“If, as Alan Shelton, asserts, awakening is akin to enlightenment, then every business person should read this book. ‘Awakened Leadership’ represents a bright new day in an otherwise dark world.” – Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers “MOJO” and “What Got You Here Won't Get You There”
“Don't think for one second that this is just another leadership book. Alan Shelton has broken new ground with ‘Awakened Leadership.’ Alan leads us by his own example – sharing his journey so we can better understand our own, and helping us experience the authentic, love-filled, awakened life we all yearn for.” – Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of “Happy for No Reason” and “Love for No Reason”  

“‘Awakened Leadership’ is unlike any other book you’ve likely read on leadership. Trekking through his own life experiences as both a business leader and spiritual seeker, Alan invites us to explore our own deep restlessness, the beliefs that are driving it, and the transforming power of presence and service to move us through and beyond it.” – Dr. Paula Butterfield, author of “In Our Right Mind: The Transforming Power of Women in Healthcare”  

“There’s a new tide rising in the world of leadership. It’s built upon the realization that strategies, techniques and processes that don’t begin at the level of personal awakening serve as little more than band-aids on the corpus of the status quo. ‘Awakened Leadership’ is a rally cry to go deeper and get more personal, then watch the shift that happens on an individual level ripple out to the organization.” – Jonathan Fields, author of “Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance”  

“[Shelton] writes with a rare combination of lighthearted personal transparency, sharp insight and humor. The skillfully etched stories of his life provide example after example of how, believing in an illusory self-mastery, we all tend to seek fulfillment through ego-driven activities only to be frustrated again and again. For our era of radical, discontinuous change and opportunity, he offers a set of pointers to help disengage the ego mechanism that blocks the experience of awakening.” – Swami Veet Brahm, Osho Viha Information Center   

What Readers Are Saying…  

“Alan's novel approach to leadership, one that was forged in the fires of business experience and a pursuit for spiritual truth clearly reflects these insights.”  

“Alan Shelton's book is a portal to enlightenment for academic and business leaders.”  

“It is truly a great book, enjoyable, enlightening, and thought provoking.”  

“Besides his thesis being compelling, Alan's life stories are truly riveting, weaving the depth of his experience together with the most profound truths of ancient wisdom, quantum physics and business strategy.” 

Transformational leadership books and processes have delivered us to the era of self-mastery. But how do we move from being effective leaders to being awakened leaders? By situating leadership in the nest of the seeker's journey toward truth, you can now stand on the shoulders of the visionaries who have come before, and become conscious of your own position within Source.  

Leaving behind charts, maps, and graphs, “Awakened Leadership” is a portal to direct experience via pointers and personal stories that will help you recognize the gift of being who you really are. Then your leadership essence will effortlessly manifest not only in the boardroom, but in all facets of your life. 

Hardcover, $24.95 
ISBN: 978-0984712502 
Motivational, 220 pages 
Red Hatchet Press, May 2012 

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