Friday, August 2, 2013

Graphic Novel break "The Grove" by Matt Nelson

Okay, so recently I met a new friend. After we were talking for awhile, he mentioned he had a graphic novel out and available to buy. I said, "Tell me about it!" and he sent me this link.  It's called The Grove, and it's about halfway down the page, listed as "available in March" with absolutely no information listed: just a link to buy the comic.  "What the Flux?" I asked.  "How are people supposed to know what it's about? Why it is listed 'available in March' when it's August? It is available to buy now, right?"  Apparently What the Flux is slow about these things, and the graphic novel is indeed available to buy now.  Anyway, I decided that Matt Nelson needed a bit of exposure, so that people could learn about this comic, so that's what I'm going to do right now.  After seeing all this information, I'm sure you'll want to go ahead and pick up a copy for yourself! First:

About The Grove:

Government Riots at a level that threatens the very fundamentals of society occur. The Government is believed to engaging in activities that are less than scrupulous. When the truth is revealed, riots occur all throughout the United States, with one of the main centers occurring is the state of Florida. The rioters, it is rumored, are being funded by eco-terrorists, and as an end result, a nuclear bomb is dropped on Florida, upon American soil. The side-affects of this are too many to count.

As a result of the nuclear arsenal being used, the humans that were still within the state were genetically mutated into cunning, monstrous savages. One of the main riots occurred at a genetics lab that tested on animals. In the fallout, thousands of genetically altered animals, all of which possess human cognition, escaped and found safety within the confines of the altered Okefenokee swamp, which was enlarged many times over.

And so, the struggle begins...

Governments across the world engaged in illicit human and animal genetic manipulation that was less then scrupulous, and as a result global riots occurred. Using the riots as a smokescreen for their own agenda, terrorists partnered up with social activists unknowingly. Realizing their window of opportunity would be small, the terrorists blamed these illicit activities upon the United States, and a nuclear bomb was smuggled in and detonated upon American soil; Florida. The affects were immediate as several other bombs were detonated across the globe, laying waste to much of the global population. Those that managed to survive were mutated either into monstrosities beyond normal reckoning, or mutated into a hybrid animalistic humanoid. In the shadows of this event, several of the hybrids came together to pave their own way in this new world that was pushed beyond the brink of madness.

The current year is 2042, and the struggle continues...

About the characters in The Grove:

The main cast are:

1.) Ridley and Jarvis... a set of Bonobo [pygmy chimps] that are brothers. Ridley wears a pair of thick reading glasses, and Jarvis wears a sort-of goatee

2.) Erasmus... a headstrong Boar with a penchant for AC/DC and cigars

3.) Gideon... a panther with a strong social belief structure and highly trained in several martial arts styles

4.) Kasidy... a jackrabbit that has electrical "augmentations"; very hyper, and paranoid

5.) Lucas... a wolf that remains on the perimeter of the camp for his own private reasons; very mysterious

6.) Marcus....a hedgehog who has a very paternal feel for all in the camp; can be found often with Veronica

7.) Veronica....a squirrel skilled in survival and an amazing medic

8.) alligator with a very aggressive, competitive nature; often found hanging out with Erasmus and Gideon

9.) Maverick and Maven...a set of fraternal twin rats, these are the masters of espionage and recon

And where to find even more information:

And finally, a trailer video!

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