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Review: Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Thriller/Police Procedural
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: twisted people
Trigger Warnings: murder, torture

My Thoughts: This is actually my second read-through of this book. I've been collecting this series since shortly after book three came out. I've also watched the first four seasons of the TV series, but to be honest, I much prefer the direction the books have taken. But I'm ahead of myself here...

So, this book introduces us to Dexter Morgan and his world, where he balances a fine line between his work in the law-enforcement department in Miami and his “social” life as a serial killer. I've identified these as police procedurals because they share a lot of the same aspects, especially when we see the details of Dexter's work in the forensics department.

I've been quite impressed with Lindsay's descriptive abilities right from the start. Things like:
...the Need was very strong now, very careful cold coiled creeping crackly cocked and ready, very strong, very much ready now—and still it waited and watched and it made me wait and watch.
As well as: “This night it would happen, had to happen. Just as it had happened before. Just as it would happen again, and again.

I also love some of the subtle dark humor, such as, “I enjoy my work; sorry if that bothers you.” and, “...the idea of sex is no idea at all. Imagine doing those things—How can you? Where's your sense of dignity?” as well as, “Every major city has a section like this one. If a piebald dwarf with advanced leprosy wants to have sex with a kangaroo and a teenage choir, he'll find his way here and get a room. When he's done he might take the whole gang next door for a cup of Cuban coffee and a medianoche sandwich. Nobody would care, as long as he tipped.
I could probably go on for pages with quotes, but I don't want there to end up being spoilers. As it is, all these quotes have come from the first few chapters, and anyone who has seen the TV show will already know about these things.

As one professional reviewer put it, Dexter Morgan is the first serial killer to unabashedly ask us for our love. Of course, he didn't remain the only, as a spate of follow-ons (including the excellent John Cleaver series by Dan Wells or the Jasper Dent series by Barry Lyga, the latter of which I have not yet read, but hope to someday) showed. But being the first is something special, and I'll always have a special place in my heart for this excellent first book in the Dexter Morgan series. Highly recommended for other twisted souls.

Series Information: Dexter Morgan series
Book 1: Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Book 2: Dearly Devoted Dexter
Book 3: Dexter in the Dark
Book 4: Dexter by Design
Book 5: Dexter is Delicious
Book 6: Double Dexter
Book 7: Dexter's Final Cut

Disclosure: I purchased this book for myself. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: Meet Dexter Morgan, a polite wolf in sheep's clothing. He's handsome and charming, but something in his past has made him abide by a different set of rules. He's a serial killer whose one golden rule makes him immensely likeable: he only kills bad people. And his job as a blood splatter expert for the Miami police department puts him in the perfect position to identify his victims. But when a series of brutal murders bearing a striking similarity to his own style start turning up, Dexter is caught between being flattered and being frightened—of himself or some other fiend.

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  1. This is the only DEXTER book that I have read....and I did so, shortly after it was published. I loved it, and don't know why I never continued with the series (big DUH?)..I haven't seen the TV series, so have no pithy comparison to offer

    Keep up the good work with the reviews, you :-)

    1. Thanks! I've read and posted reviews for the first five, which was my 2nd read on all of them, and am about to start on book 6, so enjoy!


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