Monday, August 26, 2013

@Junying 007 #Giveaway & #Blurb "Trials of Life" by Junying Kirk blog tour

Welcome to my second stop on the Trials of Life blog tour! Today we have a blurb and a giveaway, so let's go right to it.  Be sure to check on my post from this past Saturday to find links to the previous stops!

Book Blurb

On her continued “Journey to the West”, Pearl Zhang meets Andrew Church and they fall in love. Her determined, professional pursuits land her a plum international development job at a leading UK university. Life is on an upward curve, or so it seems.
Dick Appleton, a troublesome academic from a privileged background, wants a junior assistant other than Pearl, in his quest to discover China and what it has to offer him.
What happens when two powerful personalities and two different cultures meet and clash? Will life teach Pearl another sharp lesson in her adopted country, or will the ancient Chinese belief hold true that everything happens for a reason? Will she bow to her fate or fights for her beliefs?
“This wonderful book dissects and lays bare the entire course of an harassment claim, from the events leading to the claim through the hearing and its aftermath” - Tabitha Ormiston-Smith, Australia
“The Joker in the "Dark Knight". Dr Hannibal Lecter in "Red Dragon”, The Judge from Blood Meridian. Ms. Kirk’s creation, description and actions of Dr. Richard Appleton will tremor your spine. - Vince Considine, USA

 Buy Links for Junying’s Journey to the West Trilogy: Amazon UK, USABrazilCanadaSpainFranceGermanyJapan and Italy.
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