Friday, August 9, 2013

@TravellerZero S.L. Madden Cover Reveal "The Shadow Within"

Check out the cover for S.L. Madden's upcoming release (scheduled release is 8/20/13) The Shadow Within.

This is the second book in his Unseen Things trilogy (the first book is The Shadow Walker and my review can be seen here).  I edited this book and it's just chilling.  You will love it!

Synopsis?  Yeah, sure, I have a synopsis!

There are creatures all around us, hidden in the shadows.

Unseen things.

We might think we see them out of the corner of our eye, but we convince ourselves it was merely a trick of the light.  Now they've figured out a way to infiltrate the human race.

But there are those who can see them, who have stared directly into their blinding white eyes.  They are our only hope.

This is a tale of survival and self-discovery.

This is Allison's story.

Watch this space. Giveaway coming!

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