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Review: Alien Agenda: Why they came, Why they stayed

Alien Agenda:  Why they came, Why they stayed
Alien Agenda: Why they came, Why they stayed by Steve Peek

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Sci-fi thriller/conspiracy theories relating to modern society
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Those interested in conspiracy theories regarding UFOs, alien abductions, and modern proliferation of autism
Trigger Warnings: conspiracy, kidnapping

My Thoughts: This is a really crazy book. Is it real or is it fiction? The author declares, “It is fiction!” but so many real events and factual experiences are included in this, that's it's difficult to be certain. I was editing the version that was published a year or so ago, and it definitely needed it, as there were a lot of typos and misused words. If you have a copy for your Kindle and haven't read it yet, be sure to wait for the update and update it before you read it for maximum enjoyment. If you are interested in UFOs, alien abductions, and a truly unique theory about why autism has exploded over the past 70 years, then this book might be one you will find entertaining, or at the very least interesting.

Steve Peek has a lot of really interesting ideas that are spread throughout his various books. If you're at all interested in the multiverse, multiple-dimesional theory of reality, you should really explore his works. This is a good place to start, I think. A very enjoyable read!

Disclosure: I edited this book after earlier receiving a copy as a gift; I had not had a chance to read my copy before I was provided the manuscript to edit. I do not receive remuneration based upon sales. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: Narrated by a rogue keeper of government secrets, this fact-based thriller begins with the death of America's first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal and posits he did not commit suicide but was killed for what he was about to reveal.

The story follows the trail of government research past the Manhattan Project and pulls that team of famous physicists to work on Project Rainbow, an outgrowth of secret research during World War II. Real history and real science make this story compelling and not easily dismissed even by UFO reports' most cynical critics.

The evidence eventually leads to answer the big questions: What brought the visitors, why have they stayed, what do they want?

Hunted by a high-tech FBI unit, the narrator eludes capture and sets a kidnapping in motion that reveals the existence of Melanie, a ten-year-old girl prized by the visitors and held captive by the government.

More liberators than kidnappers, the group narrowly escapes numerous international agencies engaged in pursuit and delivers Melanie to a remote part of the world where she is safe—for now.

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