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Review: Thin Line Between

Thin Line Between
Thin Line Between by Anne C. Petty

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please note: I read in October 2011 from a copy I picked up myself. I am also reposting this review to spread the sad news that this author recently passed away after a battle with cancer. I would like to honor her memory by bringing a new group of people to enjoy her stories.

My Synopsis: Alice Waterston is a curator for the Hardison Museum in Citrus Park, FL. She has helped to put together an exhibit showing Australian Aboriginal art and it looks like it will be quite a crowd-pleaser. However, as soon as the exhibits arrive, strange accidents begin to happen, and Alice begins to experience strange events. To make matters worse, she has started writing a novel and it seems to have taken over her mind – she starts to think she sees the characters from her novel. Her daughter, Margaret, always prone to nightmares and night terrors, also begins to experience strange phenomena, and her dreams increase in frequency. Is the exhibit cursed? Is Alice somehow manifesting the characters from her book? Or is she going insane?

My Thoughts: “Thin Line Between” is an extremely creepy book – melding a camp legend from the Snake Bite, FL, area with ideas from the Aboriginal Dreamtime legends and lore, a slow, creeping horror builds as the reader experiences the fear and confusion that the characters in the book feel. I was pulled into the book and read it as fast as I could – often realizing I had skimmed over paragraphs too quickly in my haste to learn what was happening and having to go back to re-read the section I had not absorbed. This book is perfect for fans of horror fiction, and for those who are interested in the way that mythology can intersect with reality. Definitely a highly recommended book, especially for the Halloween season. Check it out!

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