Monday, July 22, 2013

#Giveaway! Two separate #books by Nancy Griffis @NMGrif "Fluctuations" and "The Children of the Temple

So, it's a busy day on Now is Gone today!  Be sure to check out my other post, which also features a giveaway.  For this post, we're giving away two of Nancy M. Griffis's books (stalk her on Twitter at @NMGrif), both of which I edited.  We're giving away Children of the Temple, which is her historical paranormal suspense story featuring Knights Templar and demons and craziness galore, and Fluctuations, which is the first in her science-fiction/space opera series (link to my review of that one), featuring a huge space ship, an mysterious oddity in space, and craziness galore.  These are very different books, so at least one of them should appeal to each of you, and we're giving away three of each book, in the winner's choice of formats. They are both excellent books, and excellent stories, and I just know you will love them! Just to give you an idea of what each book is about, let me provide a short synopsis of each.

Synopsis, Children of the Temple :
In 1311, Laurent de Vichy burns alive in the flames of Templar persecution outside the Convent of St. Antoine, cursing God with his last words, only to be resurrected by an unknown power. Eight hundred years later, he still doesn’t know why he can’t die, but fights to protect the innocent against evil. 

Damian Costas, recovering addict and magic-wielding hacker stands firmly by Laurent’s side, even if he never really knows where they stand in their on-again, off-again relationship. 

Anna Maria Bracken lives a normal life - grad school, friends, family, and a post-college trip to ‘find herself’ - right up until her family is slaughtered, the walls of her childhood home literally painted with their blood. 

What starts out as a simple job protecting Anna Maria against a powerful demon turns into a quest for all three to stop the unleashing of something ancient and evil that the earth hasn’t seen since before the Old Testament... something that wants to unleash Hell on earth.

Synopsis, Fluctuations:
A state-of-the-art cruise ship with wealthy vacationers out for a thrill travels into The Fluctuation, a dangerous region of the galaxy where anything can happen. 

Rosaria, an heiress lacking a purpose in life; Ma’tha’skiyainashtra, a telepathic, feline alien on vacation before her diplomatic assignment to Earth; Bob, a sarcastic robot with a persecution complex; and Evan, a young stowaway genius in search of his parents. After a catastrophic event and mass evacuation, the four get left behind and trapped on the damaged ship with no lifepods.

Crisis after crisis strikes... shield failure, near-collisions, ruthless pirates, kleptomaniac aliens, sentient comets... bonding the new friends as they struggle to keep the ship running and themselves alive. When Evan reveals that he's there to find his parents who were lost thirteen years ago, they all decide to go deeper into The Fluctuation to find them. The danger increases, but so does the potential reward... reuniting a family.

So, you can sign up for one or both giveaways. This giveaway will run for a week. Good luck!

Giveaway for Children of the Temple
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Giveaway for Fluctuations
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  1. Both books sound great and I really like the covers. Also, I like your Kitty Giveaway pic too, it's cute!

    1. I think you'll like 'em. Good luck! Did you sign up for the $10 Amazon Gift Card giveaway and for Daniel Black's giveaway, too?? :-) I have two more scheduled this week; one is going live in 15 minutes!


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