Saturday, July 6, 2013

GameNation Hacks, and Hybrid Graphic Novel

Griffyn Ink was kind enough to send me this graphic novel to read and review, which I will do before too much more time elapses. But today I just wanted to tell you about it, 'cause it a neat idea!

The graphic novel, Archives: Lab Rats, is based upon an interactive game over at GameNation Hacks.  Since I know a lot of my friends and followers are also gamers, I thought you might be interested in checking this site out, to see if this is something you might have fun with.  See also Game Nation's general site.  It's created by a guy named Ruke.  I'm not a gamer, and I have no idea what the game it about, but it looks pretty cool, as does this graphic novel.  So, go check it out, and then watch for my review soon.

The text of this graphic novel, by the way, is written by A.J. Scudiere, who is an author I very much like, and whose next book, The Shadow Constant, I'll be reading in the next couple weeks as well. So keep watching this space!


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    1. Yeah, I really need to read this graphic novel and post a review. Much thanks for reminding me!


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