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Review: Death Alarm

Death Alarm
Death Alarm by Douglas R. Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Horror short omnibus
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of horror
Trigger Warnings: murder, assault, torture, kidnapped children, implication of children being abused and killed

My Thoughts: These are some super-creepy stories. Since these are short stories, there isn't much I can tell you without resulting in spoilers, but... if you like horror—I'm talking hard-core horror, not just dark fantasy—then you will enjoy these stories. The first story might be a ghost story, or it might not. The second story might be about someone descending into insanity... or maybe not. The third story, well. If you have children, especially daughters, this one will freak you out the worst.

I tend to really enjoy Douglas Brown's books, and the only reason this one is rated at four stars is the editing is a bit sub-par. For instance, “shutter” instead of “shudder” is used, and there are a few other issues. Plus that last story really freaked me out, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but... it literally left me a little nauseated. So, fair warning.

But, if you like horror... then this little book of shorts might be for you. Plus the first two chapters of Tamed (which I loved), so bonus!

Disclosure: I picked this book up during a KDP promotion on Amazon. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: From the author of Tamed and The Light of Epertase trilogy come Douglas R. Brown's twisted tales of the macabre. In this three-story collection, Douglas explores the devastating depths of mental illness, the evil that burns within men who kill, and angels who aren't always what they seem.

In the title story, “Death Alarm”, Douglas uses his real-life experiences as a career firefighter to explore the consequences when those who go to the rescue become those most at risk. When pure evil battles the noblest of professions, the blood will flow like water from the very hydrants that firemen use every day.

Following the title story is a psychological tale entitled “Janitor”. Working the nightshift in a run-down factory, Jeb quickly realizes he may not be alone. What does the man dressed in black want with him? And can Jeb keep his sanity long enough to find out?

Closing out the collection is a brutal story titled “Skelwaller Lane” where sometimes even the most horrible behavior can be justified if only you listen to how the true story begins. 

In addition, Douglas, by way of Rhemalda Publishing, has included an exclusive 2-chapter preview of his newest break-through novel, Tamed, where werewolves are sold as pets. Recently called, "the Jurassic Park of werewolf stories," Douglas is excited to give you a peek with this free preview.

In the Death Alarm short stories, Douglas grabs you by your arms.

And then he chops them off. Sensitive stomachs need not continue.


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