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Review: Doorway to the Triquetra

Doorway to the Triquetra
Doorway to the Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please note: I originally read this book in July 2011 after receiving a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. After writing the review I contacted the author and offered to edit it for her, and she accepted. This review is of the original, unedited edition. It has been re-released since, after I edited it.

My Synopsis: Mira has always felt like she doesn’t quite fit, and has always had a feeling like something is missing that should be there in her life. Then one night a mysterious old woman gives her a medallion and tells her that she must go to Denver, where she will find the four who will help her find the answers to all her questions. At first reluctant, she decides (after much prompting by her best friend) to take the journey – and discovers a whole new world. Mira is a Jaguar witch, one of an ancient bloodline, and she also learns that among her seven past lives she has been killed over and over by an evil sorcerer named Xavier Dubioux (or maybe Dubious – it is spelled both ways in the text) – and that in this life, she must stop him before he finally destroys the world.

My Thoughts: Filled with mysticism, shamanic journeys and interaction with the Fae, this is a book with enormously important work with a lot of potential for helping the readers to achieve a higher level of consciousness, despite the fact that it is fiction – or fantasy. The story itself is fascinating, and the idea powerful. However, I have had to knock off a star because the author is in desperate need of an editor. The first third of the book is choppy and disjointed, and rife with misspellings and grammatical mistakes. If you are able and willing to look past that, those interested in mysticism, shamanism, the Fae and achieving a higher consciousness through understanding their past lives should all enjoy this story. Readers who enjoy an interesting fantasy story will also find much to appreciate in this book, which is the first book in a trilogy. If you enjoy the author’s writing and ideas, she has several other books coming out within the next couple of years, to keep an eye open for them.

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