Monday, July 22, 2013

Just released! "The Death of Magic": Saga of the New Gods, Book 2 by Daniel Black

Just released by Daniel Black is the second book in his Saga of the New Gods series, The Death of Magic. Today I'm mostly spotlighting this very cool cover, and letting you know about it.  My review is here (without spoilers) or here (with spoiler under tag).  I've linked the title above to the Smashwords edition; you can download an e-book in any format there. If you absolutely must buy it from Amazon, you can find that edition here.

I believe we'll be holding a giveaway for the first book in this series soon, if you haven't read it yet. My review links to the first book and my review(s) of it (since the first book was originally released in two parts).

If you played D&D and loved it, if you are a gamer of any kind, and would be interested to see what a world of magic would be like from a modern-society perspective... these books are for you. From my understanding, Daniel plans a total of 9 books, three trilogies, by the end of things.  I, for one, am really looking forward to them.  How about you?


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    1. It really is, I'm most impressed with Daniel Black's writing and enjoying helping him hone these books. Hurry to grab your copy today!


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