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Review: Until the Next Time

Until the Next Time
Until the Next Time by Kevin Fox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Please note: I read and reviewed this book in February 2012 from a copy I received from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Synopsis: Sean Corrigan's father gives Sean a journal for his 21st birthday - one that had been written by his uncle in the early 1970s after he fled to Ireland to escape a murder charge. While there, Sean's uncle (Mike, or Mickaleen) met the enigmatic Kate, and started to have strange knowledge and memories. Now Sean is fascinated by the story, but especially by the many missing pages from the journal. Who removed them? How was it Mike ended up being killed? So, Sean journeys to Ireland himself, to try to find answers. What he does find... are answers to questions he never even know how to ask.

My Thoughts: Dealing with the ideas of reincarnation and the journey of souls, as well as soul mates, this is really a fascinating book. The descriptions of Ireland make me yearn to go there, to visit the misty isles and meet the people and travel the crazy, twisty roads. I was very interested in the journeys that both Sean and Michael took in their respective times. It became a bit confusing at times, trying to keep track of who was whom, and whose family went with which person, but I suppose that is all a part of the twistiness that is described so aptly.

Major Oops! But Don't let it Stop You: There is, however, a major plot hole that made it into the final book (yes, I checked before writing this). Sean, the main character, says his birthday is 7/5/1976, yet his 21st birthday is dated 7/5/1996. That's only 20 years, I'm afraid ... Someone fell asleep on the job on the editing team, or the writer didn't keep adequate track of the timeline. But don't let that keep you away from reading this book - I think the ideas and understanding that went into writing it are important, and more people need to become aware and awake. Highly recommended for everyone and anyone - READ THIS BOOK!

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