Sunday, July 7, 2013

Book Feature and Spotlight: "Nemesis" A Suitcase Mystery II by Steven Nedelton aka Ned Stevens

Now available, a book I edited, Nemesis, A Suitcase Mystery II, by Ned Stevens aka Steven Nedelton, in Kindle and Trade Paperback editions.  This book, which is a spy-thriller heavy on espionage, is the sequel to A Suitcase Mystery, available for Kindle here, and best rest in order.  However, it can be read as a standalone if you wish; due to my schedule I did not have time to read the first book before I edited this one, and was still able to follow the plot, although I imagine there might have been details or hints I missed since I didn't read the first one.

Because I edited it, and because it is not the type of book I typically read, I don't feel comfortable reviewing or rating it, since I have no real basis to judge by; but the writing is competent and strong, and if you like spy thrillers and complex books featuring espionage, take a look.

Here's some information about the book from the author, and a few links for stalking purposes.

‘Nemesis’ is the Part II, the ending of ‘A Suitcase Mystery’ thriller. In a few words—a deadly secret is found in a suitcase full of stolen gold. Years later, it leads to a series of unexplainable murders while the FBI hunts for a top foreign killer spy.

The story starts in Latvia, near Riga, during the final days of the Second World War. A young boy Ben Kalninsh searches an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen guns the soldiers hid inside. Unfortunately for him, he meets an AWOL Soviet Army officer on the run instead. The officer is involved in a theft of a large amount of gold from one of his superiors and had it hidden inside the same tunnel. Unknown to him, one of the valises holds also a diary with top Soviet secrets related to espionage in the US. And so, by entering the tunnel, Ben sets into motion deadly events which will follow him into his adult life.

Years later, in Minnesota, his father is gunned down. And no one knows why. FBI agents approach Ben with the news of the murder of his father. Special Agent Miriam Dokes and Agent Book are assigned to the case which includes the torture and murder of his father’s doctor friend, Karlis Goulbis.

The FBI manager, Bob Sawyer, has a hunch there's something much more valuable than the stolen gold. Due to so many secret projects and so many years gone by, the affair becomes the proverbial search for a "needle in a haystack". In order to find the answers, Ben, the principal character, needs to go back to Switzerland, to a bank where the gold is hidden. And, from there on, Death stalks Ben and all other participants in the gold heist. Nemesis provides the denouement of the story.

Steven can also be found on Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, Shelfari, and Twitter.

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