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Review: Fluctuations: Book One of the Connemara Chronicles

Fluctuations: Book One of the Connemara Chronicles
Fluctuations: Book One of the Connemara Chronicles by Nancy M. Griffis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Book Info: Genre: Science Fiction Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I edited this book for the author; I am not paid a percentage of any sales, and I am happy to provide an honest review.

Synopsis: A state-of-the-art cruise ship with wealthy vacationers out for a thrill travels into The Fluctuation, a dangerous region of the galaxy where anything can happen. 

Rosaria, an heiress lacking a purpose in life; Ma’tha’skiyainashtra, a telepathic, feline alien on vacation before her diplomatic assignment to Earth; Bob, a sarcastic robot with a persecution complex; and Evan, a young stowaway genius in search of his parents. After a catastrophic event and mass evacuation, the four get left behind and trapped on the damaged ship with no lifepods.

Crisis after crisis strikes... shield failure, near-collisions, ruthless pirates, kleptomaniac aliens, sentient comets... bonding the new friends as they struggle to keep the ship running and themselves alive. When Evan reveals that he's there to find his parents who were lost thirteen years ago, they all decide to go deeper into The Fluctuation to find them. The danger increases, but so does the potential reward... reuniting a family.

My Thoughts: I first read and edited an early version of this book for Nancy last year, and then edited another version prior to her deciding to self-publish it. This is a really fun science-fiction tale, full of action, adventure, derring-do, mysterious anomalies, interesting aliens, and just a hint of romance. It is, absolutely, what science-fiction should be about. One of the thing I really like about Griffis’ work, based upon this book and her fascinating book Eternal Investigations, which I read and reviewed last year, is that she puts a lot of threads into her plot, weaving together an intricate and accessible storyline while providing great characterizations and plot twists. If you enjoy a fun science-fiction adventure, this is absolutely the book for you, and I highly recommend it.

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