Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Spores

Spores by Ian Woodhead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Horror Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I picked up a free copy for my Kindle from; since it is Ian Woodhead’s birthday 4/19/12, I decided to have a little Ian Woodhead marathon this week in celebration. Happy Birthday, Ian!

Spores Synopsis: Over the course of a couple of days, all the liquid is lost from the body, leaving in its wake a dried shell. Just a slight vibration is enough for the corpse to detonate, sending millions of dust spores into the air.

Everyone over the age of 40 has been wiped out by an unidentified fungal plague. Only the young remain. The survivors leave their shelters and emerge into a world blanketed with clouds of drifting spores.

They believe that the worst is over, now is the time to start re-building. They have yet to encounter the abominations, altered by the spores. They thought the plague was the end. The plague is just the beginning.

My Thoughts: Wow, this is one high-octane thrill-ride of horror. There’s no way to tell who to trust, who is telling the truth or who is lying. It isn’t a very long book, and it is mostly action, but there is some character development. The book is left open for a sequel, too, which I’ll be interested in seeing if it should come out. Recommended for fans of horror.

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