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Review: Crazy About You by Randy Attwood

Crazy About YouCrazy About You by Randy Attwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please Note: I first read this on Sept. 2, 2011; I am re-posting it in preparation for a Randy Attwood giveaway on my blog, and also because this book will be FREE on starting 4/13/12 for a couple days, so run and get your copy while you can!

Book Info Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Coming of Age Reading Level: Anyone; main character is Young Adult, so would probably be considered Young Adult by most publishers

My Synopsis: Brad’s father is a dentist at Larned State Hospital – the hospital for the insane – and they live on the grounds of the hospital. Brad also works in the hospital cafeteria, and feels a deep compassion for many of the inpatients. Crazy About You details a week in Brad’s life – a crazy week that teaches Brad more about life than he really wanted to know. He learns the mysteries of love, learns the true meaning of fear, and is involved in several murder investigations. Just a typical week in the life of a teenage boy? Hardly. But Attwood’s involving style and wealth of information make this a highly engaging and interesting read, especially for those who, like me, have always had a fascination with insanity.

My Thoughts: One of the many things that I found fascinating about this story was how the early 1960s are portrayed – and how very much like the mid 1980s it was; I think being a teenager, exploring life and learning these things, tends to make every generation think they are unique – but what they don’t realize is, that they’re really very much the same.

A coming-of-age novel in the hands of a master storyteller, Crazy About You is a book in which anyone should be able to find something to enjoy.

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