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Review: "Lots Return to Sodom

Lot's Return to Sodom (A Liv Bergen Mystery #2)Lot's Return to Sodom by Sandra Brannan
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In this sequel to “In the Belly of Jonah,” Liv is in the last week of her rehabilitation after her encounter with the de Milo killer and has come to stay with her parents in Rapid City, SD. She has arrived just in time for the beginning of the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis – and just in time for murder. Her brother’s girlfriend, Michelle, has been murdered, as has an older man who is a friend of the family. To make matters worse, Michelle’s 14-year-old sister, Char, is missing. Jens, Liv’s brother, is concerned that Char might be in trouble and asks Liv to try to discover where Char is, and what really happened to Michelle. In the meantime, the local FBI SAC has requested that Special Agent Streeter Pierce come to SD to help solve the murders. Will Liv be able to find Char? How much danger has she just put herself in? And will she and Streeter FINALLY manage to meet?

I’m enjoying the series, although Liv had a TSTL moment when she decided that she knew who the killer was, but wanted to go and confront the person and make sure about it before she told anyone. Hello? This person, she suspects, killed someone – does she really think she’ll be safe? But other than that – and the ridiculously coy “Liv and Streeter keep just missing each other” thing (which has been driving me nuts), I did enjoy this story a great deal. We learn more about Liv’s family and meet a few of her siblings, and we also get to know Streeter better, learning a bit more about his mysterious past. The pace is fast; although the book covers only 3 days, they are days that are absolutely packed with action and suspense. For fans of suspense/thrillers and mysteries, this is a great book – and it has a great twist to the ending that threw all my preconceptions about whodunit right out the door. Definitely pick it up!

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