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Review: A Life of Death

A Life of DeathA Life of Death by Weston Kincade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Note: I originally read this 6/27-28/2011; I am reposting it because Weston Kincade is offering this book FREE on Amazon 4/14-15/2012 and I want to get the word out!

Book info Genre: Paranormal YA Reading Level: Young Adult

Disclosure: I was given a free e-copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Synopsis: Alex Drummond has enough to deal with, really. His father was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago; his mother got remarried and moved them in with her new husband, who is a vicious alcoholic and beats Alex frequently to within an inch of his life; Alex’s step-brother, Frank, is a layabout who also beats on him, and his two step-sisters are an annoyance to him; and he’s an outsider at school, small and picked on by the larger kids. Now he’s developed an alarming tendency – when he touches things that were somehow touching a person when they were murdered, he falls into a vision and relives their death. And the people whose deaths he is reliving expect him to do something about it.

My Thoughts: Partly a paranormal suspense book, partly a coming-of-age story, and even including a little bit of romance, “A Life of Death” is a completely amazing story! I won’t lie to you, it is often very intense – the tension evinced by this book is amazingly well-done and I often felt my heart racing from the extremity of emotions that it raised. It is tightly plotted and suspenseful; the characters are well-developed and realistic – the whole thing just came to life in my mind while I was reading it, and the sudden silence whenever I would look up showed me just how much it filled my mind while I was reading it.

The story is bracketed interestingly – the very beginning and very end are Alex as an older man, a police detective, helping his son with a project for school. The story itself is the tale he tells the boy. I thought this was a neat way to open and close the story and it left me with hopes that we might expect a series of Alex Drummond mystery novels in the future. I would certainly buy them!

My Recommendation: Fans of paranormal mystery and suspense stories should enjoy this book. Definitely give it a read as soon as you can!

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