Sunday, February 3, 2013

Available! Book 1: Saga of the New Gods "Be Careful what you Wish for" by Daniel Black

Remember my post with the cover reveal for Saga of the New Gods?  If not, that link will take you there.  Anyway, I provided some incorrect information there. The book cover is for Vol 1 of the Saga of the New Gods called Be Careful What you Wish For, but what I did not realize was that Daniel Black had actually combined the original version of this book with the original second book in the series, The Horror of Magic, to create a much longer book! And that book is once again available for download on Smashwords, just follow that link or the one above on the book's name. It's quite a long book--almost 150k words--and only $2.49, which is a great deal!

Also, sometime in the next month or so, I'll hold another giveaway for the updated edition, so watch my blog!

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