Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! And a BONUS giveaway: "Trials of Life" by Junying Kirk

Today begins the Year of the Snake, and to celebrate, Junying Kirk has offered two copies of the second book in her Journey to the West series, Trials of Life!

About Trials of Life:


This thought-provoking novel is the sequel to The Same Moon, as we continue to follow Pearl in her education and cultural adaptation to the UK, with snapshots of her memories of China. It is about transition, from East to West. It deals with clashes of culture, sexual harassment, bullying and falling in love. The story is told in the voices of different characters, painting a full picture of events.

It begins with a love story - Pearl meets Andrew Church and they fall in love. After Pearl gets a job at a UK university, she soon finds out that her senior colleague Dick Appleton does not welcome her. When Dick discovers that Pearl has a secret mission, he seizes the opportunity and decides to use it to his full advantage. After all, Dick has a privileged upbringing, having gone to the world-famous institution Oxford University, and enjoys a wonderful lifestyle.

While Dick fights to protect his reputation and standing, Pearl seeks justice. How can she battle against the powerful machine behind the big men? Would real life teach Pearl a lesson that there is really no perfect justice in this world? Or does the ancient Chinese belief hold true that everything happens for a reason? Is it fate or simply the trials of life?

Today I'm offering two e-book copies of this book, for which the winners will receive a coupon for a copy from Smashwords. Just click, provide your e-mail address, and you're in! Good luck!

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