Friday, November 15, 2013

#TheWeaverSagaIsBack @OnTheBird #Review of "Flicker" by John Abramowitz

Flicker review
Author: John Abramowitz
5 out of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Young adult
Recommended for: Fans of YA fantasy
Trigger Warnings: killing, kidnapping

My Thoughts: Please note that the synopsis below has spoilers for book two, so be aware of that.

This was a great continuation of the story. We learn a lot about Ainsling and why she is the way she is, as well as why the Xorba are so intent on attacking her and her family. Unlike the two previous books that stayed in a limited omniscient point of view mostly from Alex's location, this one jumped back and forth between several characters. Each chapter is labeled with the appropriate POV status, so as long as you read the chapter headings, you'll not have any problem following.

There was one seriously bone-headed move made at Pinnacle, where instead of finishing the attack they stop to gloat. One should never stop to gloat until the necessary elements to complete the attack are all fulfilled. I've kept this vague to avoid spoilers, but I imagine you'll notice it as well when you read it.

Looking for some really interesting YA fantasy stories, check this series out.

Series Information: The Weaver Saga
Book 1: Weaver, review with spoilers hidden is found here; review with spoilers included is here.
Book 2: The Void, review linked here
Book 3: Flickers, available Dec. 11, 2013
Book 4: currently unnamed, no word on when it'll be available. See author's blog for more information.

Disclosure: I received an e-book ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Synopsis: The zombie apocalypse is nigh!

This is the third book in the Weaver Saga, wherein Alex and her companions must battle zombie hordes to escape Dallas. Zombies that Alex had a hand in creating, quite by accident.

There is no official synopsis yet.

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