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@Asphalt_Warrior @JKSLitPublicity #Book #Review "Home for the Holidays" by Gary Reilly

Home for the Holidays review
Author: Gary Reilly
5 out of 5 stars

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Book Info: Genre: Humorous literary fiction
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Anyone

My Thoughts: Gary Reilly's books continue to delight me, and I continue to mourn that he was taken from the world before any of us knew about him. This book is a little different from the previous ones, in that Murphy actually spends most of the book visiting his family rather than driving a cab, but he still manages to delight the reader with his wonderfully piquant descriptions of his lifestyle, his thoughts on various things, and his views on working. Reilly is often quite surreal in this book, and I was very amused by that.

As I read these books, I become more and more drawn to the simple life that Murph leads. It's incredibly tantalizing.

I enjoyed “meeting” Murph's family in this book. He talks about his mother a lot, so it was fun to finally meet her, as well as his brother, and his three sisters and their passel of kids. While there are actually quite a lot of distant relatives in my family, the core of it has remained small, so I am always amused by the mass chaos of a large family gathering. As long as I'm not actually there...

So, another outstanding book in the Asphalt Warrior series. If you still haven't taken my advice to read these books, stop procrastinating already! These books are worth every penny spent and every minute taken to read them. Highly recommended.

Series Information: The Asphalt Warrior series, a proposed ten-book series each featuring Murph, but which can be read as stand-alones.
Book 1 The Asphalt Warrior. review linked here
Book 2: Ticket to Hollywood. review linked here
Book 3: The Heart of Darkness Club. review linked here
Book 4: Home for the Holidays
Book 5: Doctor Lovebeads

Disclosure: I received an ARC paperback of this book from JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: It’s Christmastime, and Murph leaves his cab behind to visit his family in Wichita where he finds himself reluctantly reconnecting with his siblings. Meanwhile, Murph takes it upon himself to save an old friend from making the biggest mistake of his life—accepting a job where suits and ties are everyday attire.

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