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@jimgiammatteo #Review "A Bullet for Carlos" by Giacomo Giammatteo

A Bullet for Carlos review
Author: Giacomo Giammatteo
4 out of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of suspense/thrillers
Trigger Warnings: murder, rape, drugs, torture, domestic violence
Animal Abuse: attempted cat murder (with arrow), torture of small animals (snake specifically mentioned), dog murder, attempted dog murder

My Thoughts: While this is the second book this author published, I'm reading it first since the other two books I have by him are in the same series, while this one is a separate series. However, Frankie Donovan, a minor character in this book, is one of the main characters in the other series.

One of the cool things about this book is that there is not just one case on which Connie is working, and not all of them are connected. This is much more realistic toward actual police work, and is handled very well in this book. Characters are also very well developed. I really like the dichotomy and tension created for Connie by her being a cop but her family are mobsters. It adds a great touch, and gives her a lot of dynamism.

There is a lot of brutality in this book, of course, but it's about some very not-nice people—mobsters and drug dealers and serial killers—so that is really to be expected. However, sensitive readers should take note of my trigger warnings. This is not a pretty book.

That said, it is a highly enjoyable book for fans of suspense/thrillers. A Bullet for Dominic will be the next book in this series (Blood Flows South), scheduled for sometime in the next year. A novella is currently available, called Finding Family; it is a prequel outlining Dominic's youth. I definitely want to continue reading these books. An outstanding story, and a talented author.

Disclosure: I won this book in a giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: Detective Connie Giannelli's life has been torn apart several times. First when her mother died and then years later when she found out her Uncle Dominic was in the mob. Her life is about to be shredded again, and this time it could destroy her.

Connie’s love of family and her badge are both threatened when an undercover drug bust leaves two cops dead and the drugs missing. Internal Affairs is looking for any excuse to take her badge, but she’s not worried about them finding the missing drugs—her secrets could prove to be far worse.

Now Connie’s racing against the clock to figure out who killed her partners and took the drugs—dirty cops or Uncle Dominic’s friends. And she has to do it before IA pins the whole damn thing on her.


  1. Thanks for your review. I hadn't realized this was a different series, but I like the idea of authors linking their series together through common characters.

    1. I do as well; it provides a sense of familiarity while simultaneously giving a fresh look and feel.

  2. Katy, thanks so much for the great review. I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad you put up the warnings. Most of my books have some pretty rugged language and nasty murder scenes, so it's good for people to know that. As to the cat, he's real and lives on our sanctuary. We don't know who shot him, but it cost him his leg. he's doing great now, though, and is enjoying life.

    1. Ah, bless you for taking care of that sweet kitty. Cats are remarkably resilient creatures. When I was a kid, we had an old calico we called Kink, because when she'd been young, she'd been injured by some farm equipment, docking her tail and removing part of one leg. She was the barn matriarch, and it didn't slow her down at all. She would ride with my dad in the truck to feed the neighbors' cows, and while he was bagging the feed she would catch mice and line them up in the truck. Once he came back home, she would distribute the mice she had caught to the other cats.


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