Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: The Vampire Shortstop

The Vampire Shortstop
The Vampire Shortstop by Scott Nicholson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Someone who likes a chilling short story
Trigger Warnings: murder, mob mentality

My Thoughts: This short story provides a glimpse into the chilling world of prejudice and explores what can happen with people's fears cause them to behave in a manner that is less than honorable. Jerry remains an enigma to the end, since the story is from the coach's point of view. Thre is not a lot I can tell you without spoiling things, but if you like very chilling short stories, seek this one out. This story is available as a stand-alone for free on Smashwords.

Disclosure: I picked this short story up free on Smashwords. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: Jerry Shepherd is a misfit in the town of Sawyer Creek.

Despite the fangs, the shapeshifting, and the red stuff in his sports bottle, he just wants to be like the other kids on his Little League team. And it doesn't hurt that he's the best player in the league.

Well, until the championship game, when Coach Ruttlemyer and Sawyer Creek learn the true cost of victory....

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