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@TaraTylerTalks and @Curiosity Quills #Review and #Book Feature "Pop Travel" by Tara Tyler

Pop Travel review (Amazon UK link here, Barnes & Noble link here, Kobo link here)
Author: Tara Tyler
4 out of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Science Fiction Mystery
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Star Trek buffs, people who enjoy sci-fi mystery mash-ups
Trigger Warnings: murder, conspiracy that endangers most people

My Thoughts: I do not think that my Star Trek geekdom is the only reason I see so much similarity between “popping” and “beaming”, although I suppose it is possible. Still, the whole concept is pretty cool, and wouldn't it be nifty to have your own popper and could just pop on over to anywhere immediately? I know I've been hoping for that sort of technology for decades... Well, and unfortunately, the technology is not perfect. At least not when abused! Still... convenient!

This is a enjoyable story, though it took me several days to read it because of my crazy weekend. Cooper is a great character, as are Geri and Hasan. I wish Blake had been fleshed out more; as it is he just comes across as a little crazy and more than a little sociopathic. Still, a fun little story with a great idea behind it, and something I think a lot of people will find to be highly entertaining, and a great way to while away an afternoon or two while reading. This is about the right length for reading on an airplane, or while at the beach. While there are some statements about greed and human failings, this is mostly just entertainment, so don't expect a lot of deep thinking and you'll have a great time with it.

Disclosure: I received an e-book copy of this book from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: Private Investigator J. L. Cooper always knew pop travel laser teleportation was too good to be true. Finding video of a disintegrating traveler is the stomach-turning proof.

Knowing it would be pointless to upload the video on the nosy, government-monitored Qnet, Cooper digs around, bringing the death of his client and threats to his political little brother, who is in jeopardy of turning to dust anyway for disregarding Cooper’s warnings not to pop. Cooper has to do everything himself.

If he survives his first pop, Cooper won’t let anything distract him from putting an end to Pop Travel's fatal glitch. Not the android security guards, the constant surveillance, or even Southern Comfort in a purple dress, Geri Harper. Nothing Coop can’t handle.

Tara Tyler Biography:
Tara Tyler came out of college as a math teacher to prove learning it is not so bad – anyone can do it! She went on to have a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering.

Living up and down the Eastern US and traveling worldwide has given her many alternate perspectives. Now she resides in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. Atlanta is the most dear as her parents live there and that’s where she got married. So many stories to tell.

In addition to her novels, she has published short stories and poetry. Her favorite genres to read and write are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, and Humor, have to have humor! She is also working on a non-fiction book of tips for women who hate housework.

Find Tara Tyler on Facebook here.

POP TRAVEL is the way to go!
(at your own risk!)

In 2080, technology has gone too far for J. L. Cooper. He is happily hidden in his simple, secluded life as a private detective in a small town, far from any pop travel laser teleportation stations. Until he takes on a client who insists pop travel made his fiancée disappear.

When Cooper investigates, he finds evidence of pop travel’s deadly flaw, sparking a series of murders, attempts on his life, and threats to his brother. He’d like to pass off the evidence but knows he’s being watched and can’t trust anyone. And who would believe him.

The only way he can save his brother is to fool his observers while looking for a way to expose the problem. He decides to go to the source and confront the Creator of pop travel. On his way, Cooper meets Southern siren, Geri Harper (an undercover FBI agent) who tags along despite his protests. When they reach the Creator, he has plans of his own and leads them on a wild detour.

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  1. thank you for the great review! entertainment is all that is intended =) I appreciate your thoughts - can use to improve the next one!

    1. Of course! CQ hasn't let me down in the entertainment department yet :-) Keep writing!


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