Sunday, September 8, 2013

New release from an old friend - J. Simon presents "Majra"

I have known J. Simon since the early 1990s, when we met on the alt.1d group. This was prior to the actual Internet! As long as I've known him, he's been writing. And now, finally, here is his first book, available via Smashwords and Amazon! Learn more at his website as well, his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter and Goodreads.  This is the first book in a planned trilogy, a fantasy adventure.

Here is the synopsis for your perusal:

Aris has managed to live a quiet life, even in a stark desert land of glorious tales and beautiful lies, crazed artists and mad hermits. So what if he has a knack for tales? A mere messenger can't change the world. Mighty great works he'll leave to mighty great men.

Now the soldiers of Majra have come to pacify his “savage” people. Few dare stand against them. Certainly Aris never meant to. Taking work with the inavders was a way to help his family, not gain insights into the alien ways of their singular truth.

Beset by beguiling widows and vengeful plutocrats, firebrand Sheyks and sword-tongued maidens, the choices Aris faces could save his land—or break it. 

Knowing the author as I do, I think this will probably be not only an entertaining book, but probably a pretty funny one as well. And check out this super-awesome trailer!

I have my copy! Hurry up and grab yours today!

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