Wednesday, September 18, 2013

@AthensPPD Athens Pagan Pride Day #APPD

Greetings, followers. Please don't be alarmed. I'm the ePR Coordinator for our local Pagan Pride and will be running a series of articles about it, so feel free to read about it if you like!

Performers of magic, magical performers, vendors of wonders, teachers of wisdom and just plain folks are warmly invited to help celebrate Athens Pagan Pride on Saturday, Oct. 19, at Bishop Park, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

  This year’s Pagan Pride will be a grand Pagan celebration to which everyone, Pagan or not, is invited.

 A food drive will be held during the festival to benefit Project Safe, the Athens area domestic violence shelter, and a public ritual will be conducted.

              Pagan and Pagan-friendly vendors, educators and entertainers are currently being sought.  Pagan practitioners willing to conduct half-hour workshops to present their faith to the public are also being sought.  Singers, dancers, jugglers, firespinners, harpers, pickers, vendors, magicians, diviners, cooks, storytellers, teachers and volunteers of all sorts who would like to participate are should email for more information or visit on the world wide web.

Pagan Pride Day is an annual event held in cities world-wide that seeks to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community.

 For more information about the Pagan Pride Project, visit  Anyone who identifies as Pagan is welcome to come and show his or her pride. Everyone else is welcome to come and learn who and what the Pagans are.

Modern Paganism, which arose in the middle of the last century, has been called the fastest growing religious movement in the world. Paganism encompasses many branches, paths and tradition including traditional and eclectic Wicca, Asatru/Heathenism, Druidry, Pagan reconstructionists, Discordianism, Thelema and countless others.

This year’s Pagan Pride Day is sponsored by Athens Area Pagans, an organization dedicated to facilitating communication, networking and connectivity within all parts of the Pagan community in and near Athens 

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