Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Act of Deceit: A Harlan Donnally Novel

Act of Deceit: A Harlan Donnally Novel
Act of Deceit: A Harlan Donnally Novel by Steven Gore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Please note: I read this book in August, 2011 from a copy provided by the Amazon Vine program.

About the Book: The first in a new series by author Steven Gore, Act of Deceit introduces us to Harlan Donnally, a former police detective who now runs a small restaurant in Mt. Shasta, California. When Mauricio, who had worked for him for years, lies dying in a hospice, Harlan learns that Mauricio has been living a lie for decades. On the run since he was a teenager, Mauricio killed his own father when he caught the man molesting his 5-year-old sister, Anna. Now that Mauricio is dying, he wants Harlan to track down his sister and apologize to her for having left her in the hands of a commune when he went on the run.

So, What's the Mystery?: The problem is, Harlan discovers that Anna was murdered. Not only that, but her accused murderer was never convicted, because he was found incompetent to stand trial. Furthermore, Harlan discovers that the man has since disappeared between the cracks of a justice system that provides anything but justice. Investigating Anna's death, Harlan stumbles into a web of deceit and crime that connects to many high-level people and crosses the continent into Mexico. Can he find the answers he seeks - and survive the task?

My Thoughts: Suspenseful and fast-moving, Act of Deceit is a great beginning to a new series - the characters and plot are well-developed and tight, and the writing style is superb. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of thrillers.

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