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Review: Dinosaur dust

Dinosaur dust
Dinosaur dust by Michael Panush

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Alternate reality/historical fantasy
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of the author, the first book, those able to overlook the editing problems
Trigger Warnings: violence, killing, attempted murder, Nazis, hate language
Animal Abuse: dinosaur fighting ring, a pet dinosaur is abused to try to “purify” it of its “decadence”, many dinosaurs are controlled and ultimately killed as a result
Language: This book is set during the time of the Great Depression and uses language that is considered non-PC and racist in order to create a realistic feel to the story. However, please do not let this issue stop you from reading this book, as part of the MC's journey is moving past this.

My Thoughts: Michael Panush writes some very entertaining stuff. I've read a few of his books now, including the previous book in this series and several of his other books, and he never fails to provide me plenty of excitement and derring-do. The one problem I have with all books I've read published by Curiosity Quills is the sub-par editing. This one was particularly bad, with lots of missing and extra words, and use of the wrong homonyms (for example: “meat” for “meet” and “peace” for “piece”). I know it's hard enough to make a profit on books, but that essential editing step really should not be one to skimp on. While I'd give the book a four for entertainment value, I can only assign a two for technical qualities, leading to an ultimate rating of only three stars because of the large number of errors.

That said, it was a pleasure to watch the evolution of the main character from a crook into a fairly decent human being through the interactions he had with Nathan Whipple and the various other characters in this book, and his realization that he didn't have to remain stuck in the same situation. Among all the Nazis and plot elements is a fairly decent story about moral rehabilitation that I quite liked. So, overall I would recommend this story to anyone who liked this author's previous books and is able and willing to overlook the many editing errors in this text.

Series Information: The Jurassic Club series
Book 1: Dinosaur Jazz, read and reviewed August 2012, review linked here
Book 2: Dinosaur Dust

Disclosure: I received a copy from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: Times have changed for Acheron Island and the world. The decadence of the Jazz Age has given way to the desperation of the Depression, as war looms over the horizon. 

Acheron Island finds itself divided between a newly aggressive Japanese Empire, the legend-obsessed spies and agents of Nazi Germany and a burgeoning native independence and union movement in the form of the Communist International-backed Acheron Workers Party. 

Strikes and spies fill Acheron’s capitol as Victoria City becomes home for a plot that could bring the world to war. And on the other side of the globe, two men make their way into the thick of the intrigue and bloodshed soon to sweep Acheron. 

One is Nathan Whipple, a former tourist on Acheron Island turned aspiring pulp novelist. The other is Norris Hall, an ex-Marine, mob enforcer and bank robber. 

Along with the daughter of a Japanese general and a young Chinese immigrant, they become the only hope for Acheron—and for the world. 

The next chapter in the tumultuous history of the modern Lost World starts here—with gangsters, raptor movie stars, Nazi agents, loyal triceratops pets and much more!

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