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Infernal Gates

Author: Michael J. Webb

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Synopsis: Ethan Freeman, ex-Special Forces Ranger, wakes up to discover he is the sole survivor of a fiery commercial airline crash that killed his entire family. His nightmare is only beginning when he becomes the FBI’s prime suspect. Only Ethan knows he’s not a cold-hearted murderer, but he has no idea what happened to him--and why he alone survived.

He finds an unlikely ally in Sam Weaver, the NTSB Chief Investigator. An ex-military pilot, Sam senses Ethan is innocent. She tries to remain dispassionate in her investigation of the crash even as she finds herself attracted to the man who may be America's worst homegrown mass-murderer.

Neither Ethan nor Sam realize that shadowy spiritual forces are at work which will alter their lives forever. A monstrous evil, imprisoned since the time of the Pharaohs, has been released by The Nine, a sinister group of powerful men and women who believe they are the direct descendants of the Anunnaki, ancient Sumerian gods. The demon they have unleashed intends to free The Destroyer from The Abyss, the angelic prison referred to in the Book of Revelation, and unleash a worldwide reign of terror and annihilation.

Facing impossible odds, time is running out for Ethan and all of humanity as he is drawn into an ever-deeper conspiracy--millennia in the making--and learns that he is the key to stopping The Nine. He must overcome his deepest fears and find reserves of strength he never knew he had as he confronts pure evil in order to save himself and an unsuspecting world.


Less than ten minutes
before we’re all dead,
Ethan Freeman, and there is nothing I can do about it!

The stricken A320
Airbus--originally bound for St. Thomas and now limping back to Charlotte,
North Carolina—shuddered like a bird suffering a mortal wound, then shook
violently.  Shouting and screaming from the rear of the plane drowned out
the prayer of the older couple seated in front of them, “Our Father, Who art in
Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come—”

Lisa, Ethan’s wife,
sobbed beside him.  Across the aisle his eighteen year-old son, Josh,
yelled, “Dad--are we going to crash?”

“No, son,” he lied.

Megan, his sixteen
year-old daughter, seated next to her brother, screamed, “The engine is on

Lisa clung to the seat
arms so hard her fingers turned white and whimpered, “We’re all going to
die--just like Greg,” then moaned, “I don’t want to die—”

Ethan reached for his
wife’s hand as a thunderous explosion shook the plane and slammed him against
the window, knocking breath out of him.  He cried out in agony as the palm
of his right hand was sliced open by a jagged metal clasp sticking up on the
arm rest between him and Lisa.  Blood gushed out of the ugly-looking wound
and splattered the back of the seat in front of him.

The plane banked hard to
the right and the nose suddenly pointed toward the ground, six miles below, as
if the commercial airliner was being plucked from the cloudless, crystal blue
heavens by a giant unseen hand.  Ethan glanced toward the rear of the
aircraft.  A gaping hole replaced the emergency exit.  Loose debris
disappeared violently out of the plane—and there were at least two rows of
seats missing!

Swinging his gaze back
to the First Class Cabin, Ethan noticed that ice crystals now clung to the
windows.  His ears popped as oxygen masks dropped from overhead.
 Shivering, he reached for the oxygen mask dangling in front of him like a
puppet on a string and struggled to place it over his mouth and nose.  He
took several deep breaths, ignoring his bleeding hand, then yelled out to his
family, “Put your masks on!”  

In the next instant, he
was pressed so hard into his seat it seemed as if he weighed four to five times
his normal weight.  Black spots danced before his eyes and he fought for

All he could think about
was that he had failed his family—that he had not been able to save them.
 He cried out in desperation, “GOD HELP US—”  

Moments later, a flash
of blinding white light enveloped him as a blast of fiery heat washed over him.

Then everything went black.

About the Author: Michael J. Webb graduated summa cum laude from the
University of Florida and obtained his J. D. from the same university.
 Over the past forty years he has travelled the world in search of adventure.

He is a
history buff, both ancient and modern, and is fascinated by the intersection of
the scientific, supernatural, and Biblical world views, and has studied and
taught from the Bible extensively for more than twenty-five years. He is also
intrigued by recent discoveries in quantum physics that are now providing
extraordinary insights into the reality of the spirit realm, especially as it
relates to the study of Light.  He incorporates all of the above into his
supernatural thrillers.

and his wife make their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.  


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