Monday, September 2, 2013

@CambriaHebert #Giveaway "Masquerade" and "Recalled"

Cambria Hebert was one of my earliest friends in the Indie book world after I found my way to Goodreads in 2011.  I was there while she was finishing her first books, when she launched her first books, and I've watched with awe as she just keeps putting out those books. Over the just-over-two-years since I first met her, she's written fifteen books!  She mostly writes in the Young Adult and New Adult romantic fantasy genre, which is normally not my favorite, but I've read a few of her books and they're really good.  All this is to tell you that I'm giving away a couple of her books this week!  First up is Masquerade, which is the first book in her Young Adult Heven & Hell series. Here is my review of it. Cambria is letting me give away one e-book copy of this book in winner's choice of formats, so please do not forget to provide both your e-mail address and your preferred format. I have a second giveaway this week, so keep going after you enter, please!

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So, the second giveaway is for Recalled, the first book in her New Adult Death Escorts series.  Isn't that an absolutely gorgeous cover? I have not yet managed to acquire this one for myself, so I don't have a review, but here's the blurb:

Love or Death? A simple question really. The choice seems obvious. But. What if you never knew love, what if your life was spent just trying to survive? What if you knew your fate before you were fully grown?

And then you died.

And you were given another chance. A better chance.

This new life depended upon one thing: your job. And so you agreed. You thought it would be simple. You thought it would be cut and dry.

It never is.

And now you are left holding the fate of someone else in the palm of your hand and you have to make the ultimate choice.

Love or Death?

Again, Cambria is letting me give away one e-book copy, same deal as above. Please provide both your e-mail address and preferred format!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As normal, these giveaways will run for one week.  Good luck!


  1. Thank You for the chance to win Masquerade xxx
    I love Cambria Hebert's books

  2. I would love to Win both of these and I have a kindle Fire

    1. You have to fill out the Rafflecopter forms. I'll make sure your entry is noted.

    2. Okay, Tiffani, I show you are indeed correctly entered, so best of luck and thanks so much for dropping by!


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