Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Tangled Tides

Tangled Tides
Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please note: I read and reviewed this book in November of 2011 from a copy provided by Rhemalda Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Updating this review to add that disclaimer and formatting.

My Synopsis: The day before Yara’s 18th birthday, her guardian – who she calls Uncle Lloyd – has gone to the mainland from the Florida Keys to have kidney dialysis, and a hurricane is blowing up. While she struggles to cover the windows, a stranger appears, offering to help her. He says his name is Treygan and somehow he makes her feel safe and warm. He offers to take her someplace safe, if that is her wish, and she makes the wish. The next thing she knows, she’s waking up a mermaid. What has happened to her? How can she go back to the way things were? And most importantly – why has all this happened right now?

My Thoughts: Releasing 11/25/11 from Rhemalda, “Tangled Tides” is a wonderfully fun YA paranormal fantasy with strong elements of romance. While it makes use of the typical triad and oodles of problems getting along between the romantic leads, it all fits in the story and makes sense – unlike many where there is no particular reason. I found it quite refreshing and enjoyable for the plot to be so well-developed. Also, there are a lot of great suspense elements, and plot twists and turns – while I caught a few of the hints far enough ahead of guess what was coming, there were many I didn’t. This story will definitely keep you guessing! Merfolk aren’t the only paranormals to make an appearance, either – there are sirens, gorgons, selkies, sprites … it’s a wonderfully diverse cast. I can say that this is a book I would definitely recommend to people who enjoy romance, fantasy, paranormal and magical reality stories – don’t miss it – available 11/25/11.

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