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Book Review: "The Wrong Stuff" by MT McGuire

The Wrong Stuff (K'Barthan Trilogy, #2)The Wrong Stuff by M.T. McGuire

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Science Fantasy Epic Thriller
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of British comedy AND epic fantasy AND science-fiction/fantasy thrillers AND good stories! Well... most people, I think.
Trigger Warnings: violence, repression, torture and murder (implied/offscreen as well as actual/onscreen)

My Thoughts: Based on the page count on my Nook, this second book in the K'Barthan trilogy is about twice as long as the first.

I managed to go through the whole first book without really noticing it, but then Corporal Puneschment showed up, and I suddenly realized that General Moteurs was a pun. As well as Sir Robin Get, and DI Phillip Softone. I think DC May Gurney might be, too, but I'm not sure. As should be well obvious by now, I'm sort of dim about things like that.
Don't always catch really subtle things. And of course we don't learn General Moteurs' first name until this book (it's Ford)... Anyway, there were times during the book when I wanted to shake The Pan for his obstinate inability to see the obvious... and then I would remember General Moteurs, and realize The Pan and I are really two of a kind... Alas, The Pan is for Ruth, and what an adorable couple they make!

Anyway, I loved this second book in the series. The Pan really comes into his own, and while we don't have quite as much of the delightful Ava and Gladys and Their Trev, Lucy was a great addition, and we had more Big Merv. Not to mention we learn a lot more about him, and about the Grongles and Grongolia in general. I can really see the growth of the writer here, and can not WAIT for book 3! This is like if a heroic epic fantasy were mixed with a science-fiction thriller, and I just love the dry British humor intertwined. Really, very highly recommended.

I have a number of McGuire's short stories I would like to read, but because I'll be in and out all day, and it will be difficult to do the reviews properly, I'll have to put those off for another day. However, watch for my reviews of those soon.

Series Information: The K'Barthan Trilogy
Prequel: Unlucky Dip, review linked here where formatting allowed.
Book 1: Few are Chosen, review linked here where formatting allowed.
Book 2: The Wrong Stuff
Book 3: One Man, No Plan tentatively scheduled for Christmas 2013

Disclosure: I received a copy of this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: The Pan of Hamgee is not a natural knight in shining armour. Yet he has escaped from police custody in K’Barth, switched realities and foiled Lord Vernon’s attempt to kidnap Ruth, the Chosen One from the Festival Hall. Pretty good, he thinks.

However, Ruth thinks otherwise. Being pursued by Lord Vernon is bad enough. Now, thanks to The Pan, she’s on the run. They are both alive, of course, but with Lord Vernon on their tail neither of them can be sure how long for.

To save her life The Pan must introduce Ruth, the woman of his dreams, to the person prophesied to be the man of hers. And he knows he must do it fast. Before Lord Vernon finds her. But the gentleman in question is in hiding and no-one knows where. Can The Pan find him? And if he does, can he bring himself to unite them?

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  1. Thanks so much for a lovely review. I'm really glad you enjoyed the books, I'll put you on my list of vic- er hem, reviewers, for a review copy of book 3.



    1. BWAHAHA! But yes, please do. New fan here... :-) I might be delayed further on the shorts, as I've three novels to read this weekend, but I WILL read them as soon as I can!


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