Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gary Reilly excerpts - embedded videos

I learned today that there were a couple readings of Gary Reilly's books on YouTube, read by Dennis Gallagher, who is the City Auditor for Denver. By the way, a little birdie tells me that Ticket to Hollywood is a finalist for the 2013 Colorado Book Award, so best wishes that the book will win. These are awesome books. Before I let you watch the videos, let me link you to my reviews for Gary Reilly's books: Asphalt Warrior, review here; Ticket to Hollywood, review here; The Heart of Darkness Club, review here. By the way, there are two books scheduled for release in November! Home for the Holidays and Dr. Lovebeads, so I'm very excited for that; that means I, for one, will have a happy holiday if I receive those two books! If you do a search through my blog, I have several other posts featuring the Gary Reilly books and providing more info about the series and the man, so feel free to dig around!

Now, without further ado, here we go. First an excerpt from Ticket to Hollywood, followed by an excerpt from The Heart of Darkness Club, both read by Dennis Gallagher.

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