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JKS Communications Presents: Author Spotlight: John Dahlgren


Book Details:
Paperback, $15.95
ISBN: 978-9814260527
YA fantasy, 504 pages
Editions Didier Millet
December 16, 2011

Three worlds are in immediate danger!
And unfortunately one of them is yours.

After the mysterious kidnapping of his eccentric grandfather, Sagandran Sacks sets out on a rescue mission. Although he suspects things might get strange, he doesn’t expect his search to bring him to a parallel world!

After traveling, or rather falling, into the magical realm of Sagaria (a world that looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy novel), young Sagandran finds himself on a breathtaking rollercoaster ride through every fantasy adventure he could possibly wish for (and some he would wish he hadn’t).

Expect the unexpected at every moment. Chivalrous frogs, bungling wizards, blabbering rodents, captivating trolls, annoying gnomes, magical theme parks, chatting furniture, mad jello puddings, madder ghosts and beautiful but merciless evil-doers are just a few of the encounters that await you! Not to mention, the most powerful and ruthless sorcerer ever who desperately wants your world! Oh, and by the way, he wants your soul too…

Breathless suspense, helter-skelter adventure and riotous good humor – all the trademarks of a John Dahlgren story are here in abundance.

The Tides of Avarice

Book Details:
Paperback, $14.95
ISBN: 978-9814260534
YA fantasy, 464 pages
Editions Didier Millet
June 16, 2011


It’s something all pirates are taught when they’re small, but too many of them forget:
Never get on the wrong side of a librarian.

Especially if the librarian is a lemming!

Sylvester used to read about cannibals, impenetrable jungles, lethal carnivores, mysterious fortune-tellers, voodoo magic, cutthroat pirates, shipwrecks, mutinies, spaceships and much else in his books, but he never thought he’d encounter them for real.

Can Sylvester save his sweetheart, Viola, her frighteningly gritty mom and the other friends he’s acquired along the way? Can he find his long-lost father, rescue his hometown of Foxglove from the murderous rule of its ruthless mayor, and discover true happiness?

Oh, did we mention that Sylvester has mistakenly received the most sought after treasure map ever? This means he also has to escape from the cruelest and craziest pirate captain who ever sailed the seas of Sagaria – the horrifying Cap’n Terrigan Rustbane who will stop at nothing to get his map back! A map which leads to a treasure beyond the wildest dreams of avarice...

It’s kind of a tall order.

But then Sylvester is a librarian. And a lemming.

Author Biography:

Born in Sweden, John Dahlgren grew up close to the vast and untamed landscapes of Scandinavia and was influenced from an early age by the Nordic sagas, fairy tales and mythologies. This enchanting environment triggered his imagination and later inspired him to become a fiction writer.

He went on to study creative and fiction writing at Oxford University and competed in the school’s short story contests each year.

As a trained psychologist and member of the Swiss Psychologist Federation, Dahlgren began writing nonfiction articles for numerous scientific journals and a Swedish magazine. But his passion was fiction, and so he debuted as a novelist in 2011 with the young adult story The Tides of Avarice, a finalist for best Fiction/Fantasy in the International Book Awards and Silver Medal winner in ForeWord’s Book of the Year Awards. He released months later a second YA fantasy novel, Sagaria, and is currently engaged in several book projects for both younger readers and adults.

Dahlgren lives now in Neuchâtel, Switzerland with his wife and two children, where he’s worked for the past twelve years as a marketing director at an international pharmaceutical company.

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