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Review: The Price

The Price
The Price by Joseph Garraty

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please note/Disclosure: I originally read and reviewed this book in December, 2011 from a copy provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy
Reading Level: Older Young Adult
Recommended for: Fans of urban fantasy, Dresden Files
Trigger Warnings: Violence

My Synopsis: Jimmy Peccati is a fairly normal kid – his father owns a small meat market and he and his mother help him out. Of course he’s had to grow up tough – he’s a Southie after all (for those who don’t know that term, it means he’s from South Boston, a rough part of town). But one day things go too far – his father has always paid his “protection money” to the Russian gangsters that demand it, even though it makes things hard for them – but today they’ve arrived a day early, and they aren’t taking, “I don’t have it yet,” for an answer; they’re beating the life half out of Jimmy’s dad. Then two more men come in – Benedict and Frankie Lazarro. That’s the day Jimmy’s life changes forever. That’s the day when he realizes he really does have magic, and that it can be put to use protecting his family. He just has to sign up with… the mob.

My Thoughts: Three words: Boston. Mafia. Wizard. This is one of the most unique and entertaining ideas I’ve read in ages – Joseph Garraty has a real winner here. The wry tone and subtle black humor evoke images of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden. Yes, I know what I’m implying may be blasphemy to some folks, but it is true – I adore Harry Dresden, and I can honestly say that this book reminded me of the Dresden files. It’s really THAT good. If you enjoy a good urban fantasy with a tough-guy wizard with a slightly blackened heart of gold, you will enjoy this book. There is a great deal of violence – I mean, it’s the mob, what do you want? But most of it is at a distance, and not overly gory. The characters are beautifully drawn and carefully developed – you know exactly who they are, and they each stand as a unique individual. The plot flows smoothly and it is impossible to put this book down once you have started reading it. This book definitely gets my highest recommendation!

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