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Review: King's Champion

King's Champion
King's Champion by Cas Peace

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: fans of the series, of great world-building and character development, good stories in general
Trigger Warnings: Torture, rape, violence, war, murder
Animal Abuse: Rykan abuses several horses in various ways

Disclosure: I received an ARC e-book copy of this novel from Rhemalda Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: After surviving brutal torture and escaping from Lord Rykan s dungeons, Major Sullyan is trapped in Andaryon, too injured to cross the Veils. Slowly dying and determined to find some purpose in the shattered remains of her life, she travels to the Andaryan capitol to offer the Hierarch her sword and Artesan gifts in the fight against Rykan and his vast army. Because women hold no power in Andaryon, Sullyan is met with prejudice, hostility, and suspicion. Before she can seek vengeance on the field of battle, she must prove herself to the Hierarch s generals. Finding support from the unlikeliest sources, Sullyan sets a plan into motion to defeat Lord Rykan and end his bid for the throne. The fate of two realms depends on her success, but her strength is fading fast and time is running out.

My Thoughts: This is the second book in the Artesans of Albia series, following King’s Envoy, which I read and reviewed in July of 2011 (review here where formatting is allowed). I wanted to re-read that book before I started this one, since it had been so long, but I have fallen far enough behind on my reviewing, so I will press ahead and hope for the best instead.

This book was thoroughly as enjoyable as the first. Peace is a very talented storyteller, and able to create characters that resonate with the reader. Whether hero or villain or just a regular person, you feel connected, like you know them yourself. This is a rare talent, and I’m very honored to have had the opportunity to experience such wonderful storytelling.

This book ends on a cliffhanger, but the next book in the series is scheduled for release later this year, also by Rhemalda. Be sure to watch for it; I know I will! Highly recommended.

And now a private message to Cas Peace. This is a major spoiler, so you have been warned!
You are very fortunate that you did not kill Marik, as I was prepared to be very cross with you. That is all.

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