Monday, January 14, 2013

Giveaway! Rhemalda Presents "Liberty" by Annie Laurie Cechini

Liberty by Annie Laurie Cechini is a young-adult science fiction novel that is scheduled to be released soon (e-book release is February 1, 2013).


Book Description
Eternigen is the miracle drug that allows humans to travel in deep space. Seventeen-year-old space captain Tabitha “Dix” Dixon has the only vial of Eternigen in existence.

Eira Ninge always gets what she wants. She wants the Eternigen, and she’ll do anything—and kill anyone—to get it.

Since Dix stole the vial, everyone she loves seems fated to die. When young resistance messenger Jordan Berrett steals her heart, she has to decide if it’s worth risking his life to let him get close. When Dix is involved, even falling in love can turn deadly.

If Dix can get her hands on more Eternigen, she and her crew can escape the solar system, leaving her dark past behind. But getting the Eternigen won’t be easy, and the bodies keep piling up. In the end, the cost of freedom may be too high.

I had hoped to have this read and reviewed before starting the giveaway, but my schedule has prevented it. However, I have been really eager to read this, and I am sure it will be a wonderful book!

About the author:

Annie Laurie Cechini is a connoisseur of every type of geekery. She writes with a sonic screwdriver pen, owns a Tribble named Nimoy, and often threatens in all seriousness to name a child after a character from the Star Wars lexicon. Liberty is her first novel. You can learn more at her website,

Now for the giveaway!! Rhemalda Publishing will provide the e-book to the winner (just one this week guys, sorry) in the format preferred by the winner, after the e-book release (February 1, 2013). Since it is an e-book, there are no restrictions as to who may enter, unless you are prohibited for some unknown reason. Just sign up below, using the Rafflecopter entry form, and in two weeks (January 28, 2013) I'll draw a winner. Easy as that!

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