Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie Reviews! "How to Train your Dragon" and "Prometheus"

Early this morning we watched a couple movies, and just to break things up a bit, I thought I'd post reviews of the movies! So, without further ado!

First we watched Prometheus, the highly anticipated prequel to the Alien franchise by Ridley Scott. Synopsis: A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.
My Thoughts: This is a fast-paced movie with some really good special effects. However, the characters, with the exception of the captain, the co-pilot and the pilot, were a bunch of idiots. They are supposed to be highly trained scientists, and they bumble around like a bunch of amateurs! "Ooh, look, a door - let's just open it and walk inside! Oozing stuff from canisters? Let's stick our finger in it and see what happens! Let's sniff this weird gelatinous stuff! Let's carry this decapitated head into the ship and experiment on it! Let's try to touch this strange, reptilian thing that is living where everything should be dead!" Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy... I wanted to smack each and every one of them repeatedly. Two puke-drenched (yes, I threw up at one point) stars

Afterward, I demanded we watch something that would not make me puke (hey, I have a thing about self-mutilation! I can take all kinds of gross stuff... unless the person is doing it to themselves. Then I become nauseous).

So, Dmitry suggested How to Train your Dragon, saying it was funny.
Synopsis: Hiccup (voice by Jay Baruchel) is a failure as a Viking: skinny, inquisitive, and inventive, he asks questions and tries out unsuccessful contraptions when he's supposed to be fighting the dragons that attack his village. His father, chief Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler), has pretty much given up on his teenage son and apprenticed him to blacksmith Gobber (Craig Ferguson). Worse, Hiccup knows the village loser hasn't a chance of impressing Astrid (America Ferrera), the girl of his dreams and a formidable dragon fighter in her own right. When one of Hiccup's inventions actually works, he hasn't the heart to kill the young dragon he's brought down. He names it Toothless and befriends it, although he's been taught to fear and loathe dragons.
My Thoughts: Dmitry was right, I really loved this adorable movie. The dragons were wonderful, especially the little ones - I wanted one of my very own! Watching Hiccup grow into himself was delightful, and the other Viking kids - and adult Vikings - were a treat as well. The CGI was amazing and wonderfully detailed. I highly recommend this fun movie to anyone who hasn't already seen it. 5 dragon-sized stars!


  1. Hi, Katy. Yeah, I agree with you about Prometheus. My 18 year old loved it - saw it three times in the theater. But I agree with you. For something that they spent so much time on, you would have thought that they would have gotten the characters and plot a little better than they did...
    Now that my kids are older, I really don't get to see the animated films like I used to. So it was that I only recently got to see How To Train a Dragon. It really was very cute and engaging for all ages.


    1. Yeah; I don't have children, so if I watch an animated movie, it's because it's something that looks interesting to me (like Ratatouille - LOVED that movie!!), and I was a bit iffy about this, thinking it might be a bit "special", you know? But it was SO fun. I loved those little dragons - as soon as the first came out and bit Tuff's nose, I was squealing and saying, "OOOOH, I WANT ONE!!" Heh.

      I tell ya, that whole scene with Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus where she did her own C-section... that was what set me off. Horrible. *shudders*

  2. Katy, I absolutely agree with you on both movies. I read so many negative reviews about Prometheus, but I didn't want to believe any of them. Turns out, they weren't negative enough.

    HTTYD was excellent, and they've released a few shorts based on it since then and a TV show that's actually pretty good (with a lot of the original cast).

    1. Well, I'm not much for visual media. The occasional movie is okay, but I'd rather read, so I've added the series of books to my wishlist. Here's hoping I can pick up some copies soon!


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