Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Ferris' Bluff

Ferris' Bluff
Ferris' Bluff by Fred Limberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please note: I originally read this in October 2011. I'm adding formatting, and a disclosure that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. Also? It's currently free on Amazon today, 1/21/13, so hurry and pick up your own copy!

My Synopsis: Ace has been on the run for around 4 years – ever since the Russian mafia killed his wife, his sons, his daughter and her husband, and his father in revenge for something he did while he was working for the government. He has decided to come and visit Granville “Granny” Tubbs, a man who was a friend of Ace’s father, and whom Ace has known his whole life. Coming in to Ferris’ Bluff, AR, Ace discovers Granny is in a critical-care ward in a nursing home after a series of strokes – when Ace comes to visit, he finds out there are restrictions on who can see Granny when. Ace notices other odd things going on in town. However, he likes the town and is immediately accepted into the community; he even earns some money, because he is able to fix almost anything – which gets him in some trouble with Pink Henery, the local mechanic, who doesn’t appreciate Ace horning in on his business. Then there is Annie Travers, the widowed woman from whom Ace rents a room, and her two children – Ace finds himself becoming fond of them, and of many of the people in this quirky little town with whom he is quickly becoming friends. But can he escape the men who may be continuing to search for him?

My thoughts: I’ve probably rambled on too long about the plot, but I’ve tried to avoid any major spoilers. I wanted to try to show something about the story – about the heart, about the action, about how it kept me engrossed and engaged not only with the main plot, but with the many interesting and unique characters with which Limberg has populated this terrific thriller. Even folks who normally aren’t fans of suspense/thrillers should enjoy this book – it has plenty of action and a fast-moving plot, but it also provides wonderful character development and a strong plot. I highly recommend that you get this book and read this book – it’s a terrific read.

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