Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Frost Moon

Frost Moon
Frost Moon by Anthony Francis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please note: I first read and reviewed this in January 2012. I'm updating the formatting and adding the disclosure that I received an e-galley from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Synopsis: Dakota Frost is a tattoo artist – more importantly, she is the best magical tattoo artist in the Southeast, working in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta at a shop called The Rogue Unicorn. As the story opens, she is being taken into the Atlanta Police department, called in to consult by her father’s best friend, Andre Rand. Apparently someone has been killing people who have magical tattoos – even worse, whoever is doing this is stripping tattoos off of the still-living victim, first. To complicate matters, Dakota has also been contacted about doing a tattoo for a werewolf, who is seeking control of his beast, and when she goes to the local werehouse to consult with a magical tattooer named The Marquis, she returns home with a new … friend. A young weretiger has attached herself to Dakota – Cinnamon is what is called a foundling, a werekin whose mother kept the beast shape throughout her pregnancy, and as a result the youngster is unable to pass as human. Cinnamon has tiger ears, a tail, and fur on her hands at all times. Is Dakota next on the killer’s radar? Can she help solve the mystery of the flayed tattoos in time to potentially save herself or perhaps some of her clients? Will she be able to help Wulf control his beast?

My Thoughts: I loved this first book in the Skindancer series! A Skindancer is one who has magical tattoos and is able to control and use them for magical purposes, in case you are wondering, and Dakota is a fine Skindancer. One thing I particularly loved about this book is that, while Dakota is strong-minded and fairly tough, she is also vulnerable and willing to work with others to protect herself if necessary – she’s not one of those “I have to do everyone on my own” types that make me nuts. The characters that Mr. Francis has created are unique, interesting and multi-faceted, and the plot flows smoothly. This book is a page-turner and one I highly – HIGHLY – recommend for fans of urban fantasy and magical reality. Definitely pick it up!

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