Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Enlightened Ones

Enlightened Ones
Enlightened Ones by Lacey Reah

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Please note: I edited this New Adult novel for the author. I do not receive remuneration based upon sales.

Genre: Literary fiction
Trigger Warnings: domestic violence, authority figures taking sexual advantage of those under their authority, brainwashing, cults
Reading Level: New Adult

My Thoughts: This was a very difficult book to read, and that's a compliment. The reason I say that is because this stirred up strong emotional reactions while I was editing it, and for me, a writer that can create strong, visceral reactions is a good writer. It will not be an easy book for anyone to read, because it deals with heavy issues, but it's a very worthwhile one. Go check it out.

Synopsis: When Maggi turns eighteen and realizes that she has nothing to show for it, she looks for meaning by joining a church of people called “Enlightened Ones,” led by the enigmatic John Cronus. As she is pulled deeper into this organization, the stories of its people are unveiled, revealing how they all joined the church seeking their own form of fulfillment. The followers give up all their worldly possessions to start a commune on a distant island paradise. Will they find the utopia they seek, or will they be pulled into a menace that is even darker than the lives they left behind?

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