Thursday, April 25, 2013

Be seduced! Pre-order "Seduction" by M.J. Rose today!

Coming May 1 to Now is Gone (and all outlets) is my review of Seduction by M.J. Rose.  The book itself is scheduled for release May 7, but YOU can pre-order a copy TODAY if you want!  Not only that, but by pre-ordering the book, you will receive extra swag and a chance to win that gorgeous necklace on the cover.

For more information, follow this link over to M.J.'s site, where you can pre-order the book, enter to win other prizes, see the blurb and some advance praise, and a chance to join a by-invitation-only book club for May.

Again, be sure to say I sent you so we both have a chance to win!


  1. Hey question, we have to buy the hardcover? I love a good book but pout.. I can't read a regular book and the contest is only for the physical book, that sucks!

    1. Let me ask M.J. about that for you, Kriss. It's an amazing book, but I do need to let you know that it does NOT work as a stand-alone. At most you need to also read her "The Book of Lost Fragrances" and at best you'd want to read all of her Reincarnationist and Butterfield Institute books. I have them all linked in my review, which will be posted on May 1.


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