Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Atticus for the Undead

Atticus for the Undead
Atticus for the Undead by John Abramowitz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror/Legal Thriller
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of horror and legal fiction and urban fantasy
Trigger Warnings: violent death

My Thoughts: I've had this book for over a year. Recently I was approached by a friend who runs blog tours to ask if I'd consider reviewing the 2nd book in this series, Identity Theft from an ARC copy. Since I already had this and another book by this author, and they sounded like the sort of thing I'd enjoy, I agreed. So, here we go!

This book's ending is a total kick in the teeth and completely unexpected, but wow, what a great story! Hunter is a very interesting character, full of idealism and anger over what he perceives to be injustice. I saw a lot of parallels with any type of civil-rights action you might consider: racial relations, GLBTQ issues, what have you. The book makes no secret that these issues are being addressed via the idea that people are prejudiced against those they perceive as “abnormal”. It's a very typical human reaction: if someone is different, that makes people afraid, and what humans fear, they seek to destroy. Age-old idea. As such it is often very uncomfortable to read the book, and that is yet another reason I enjoyed it so much; I like a story that will make me question and think and consider. So, a high recommendation from me, whether you enjoy horror, urban fantasy, or legal thrillers, this combines the best of the lot. Check it out, and watch for my review of the upcoming book Identity Theft next.

Disclosure: I picked up this book a bit over a year ago when it was on the Amazon KDP program because it sounded like the kind of thing I'd enjoy. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: The next chapter in the struggle for equal rights begins!

Hunter Gamble is an idealistic young attorney in a very special area of the practice: arcane defense. Funded by enigmatic billionaire Charles McClain and aided by shy-but-energetic research attorney Kirsten Harper, he's making the world a better place—one vampire, zombie, or werewolf client at a time. After all, they deserve their day in court too, right?

When a young zombie walks into Hunter's office accused of murder (by brain-eating), Hunter's idealism is tested as never before as he struggles to secure the man's freedom. To do so, he must square off against a savvy and ambitious district attorney, contend with a judge who is deeply biased against arcanes, and stand up to a human-supremacist group which will stop at nothing—not even Hunter's own death—to see his client convicted.

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