Monday, April 8, 2013

Delays in Independent Reviews

Just a quick note, in case you've missed my notifications elsewhere.  The Amazon Vine program is changing their policy.  Whereas previously I could leave up to 20 percent of the books I received unreviewed, and could take my time to read and review them, now they are requiring 100 percent of the books received to be reviewed within 30 days, starting May 15.  I have 39 books, three audio books, and a computer program that I need to read/listen to/use and assess in the next 5 weeks, so unless I have promised I'd read the book as part of a blog tour, I am having to hold off reading any outside books for review until I've caught up on those Vine books.  My deepest apologies; some of you have already been waiting an exorbitantly long time.

If you want to check the status of your book, you can check your book's page on Goodreads and see what shelf I have your book on.  As long as that book is still on my "aa_read_review" shelf, you are still in line. If you see it on the "on_hold" shelf, that means I started it but wasn't in the mood and plan to try again in the future.  If it's on the "unfinished" shelf, I just could not enjoy it.  Odds are I left only a short review saying why I wasn't able to finish it, and I usually do not cross-post those to Amazon.  You can, of course, always contact me if you're taking part in a blog tour or promotion (after the end of May) and I'll do my best to coordinate my reading and review of your book with that time frame, but for now... it's all on the back burner.

My deepest apologies.

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