Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guest post from Brian D. Anderson, author of The Godling Chronicles

To kick off my reviews of the Godling Chronicles in this blog tour, hosted by JKS Communications and Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing, today I have a guest post by Brian D. Anderson. Watch this blog for the next three days as I bring you the reviews for the first three books of the Godling Chronicles, The Sword of Truth tomorrow, Of Gods and Elves on Saturday and The Shadow of Gods on Sunday (all links are for Smashwords; you can also find the books on Amazon).

Without further ado, here is Brian!

Why Fantasy?

When I tell people that I write fantasy, often their first question is, “why fantasy?” I suppose I could write suspense, mystery, or even contemporary fiction. It isn’t such a stretch for me to imagine myself seeking a story beyond the fantasy genre. But to me, fantasy brings to light the very things that make us who we are.

The ability to contemplate fantasy, is what makes us human. Even as small children, once we’ve learned who mommy is and how to crawl, we are exposed to the fantastical realm of the imagination. Our first stories are of magical creatures, gallant heroes, beautiful maidens, and far away kingdoms. Through fantasy, we learn honor, perseverance, bravery, and love. The noblest aspects of the human character is taught to us through make-believe and flights of fancy.

As adults, we often times forget these beginnings, and choose to leave “childish” things behind. We ground ourselves in stark reality, and set in our mind the bare facts of day to day living. We no longer believe that Snow White was brought back to life by the kiss of true love. We understand that dragons are not real. We fail see the magic that once was as factual as the air we breathe. 

With fantasy, we can revisit the part of us that still wants to believe. Sure, I could choose a different genre, but for me, the wonder I find in fantasy fills my heart with delight. And when I am able to share it with others, I feel as if I have made the magic of childhood come back to life. For a few hours, I have rendered the wicked world of adulthood powerless, and allowed someone to forget how cruel life can be.


  1. Well said! Fantasy takes me away to another world, where I can believe in magic again. :)

  2. When will book four be available?

    1. I'm not sure. I've asked Brian and will see what he says. Thanks for your interest!

    2. Okay, author says he's about halfway done, hoping for late summer/early fall on book 4. Hopefully you will check back and see this! The problem with commenting Anonymously is I cannot track you back to let you know these things :-)


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