Thursday, March 7, 2013

JKS Communications Presents: Cover Reveal and Giveaway "The Red Choker" by Stephanie Alexander

Author Stephanie Alexander  is releasing her second book The Red Choker this Friday, March 8th.  This is the second book in her Cracked Slipper series.  

Eleanor Brice Desmarais, she of the cracked glass slipper and unladylike intellectual propensities, has learned that happily-ever-after is as rare as a frozen dragon, even for a happenstance princess. She survived a plot against her life, but her marriage to the alcoholic, womanizing Prince Gregory of Cartheigh remains at best a sham, and at worse, a potential noose around her neck.

Eleanor understands the harsh realities of women’s lives in her kingdom, so she turns her energies to a school for impoverished girls. She hopes to give them new opportunities, but the temptations of the streets and an ominous plot to bring down the witches of Afar Creek Abbey threaten to close the school forever.
She finds joy in stolen hours with her lover, Dorian Finley, but her husband’s increasing suspicions, her stepsister’s continued scheming, and her own conscience create a rift between Eleanor and Dorian that seems insurmountable. A witch’s spell and a beautiful necklace are all that stand between Eleanor and a most permanent, and dangerous, heartbreak.
The Red Choker is the sequel to Stephanie Alexander’s bestselling debut novel, The Cracked Slipper.
The author, in conjunction with JKS Communications, is offering one copy of this in e-book format, to be gifted from Amazon.  Therefore, you must be able to accept a gifted e-book from, which limits this to mostly the US and the other countries that do not have their own Amazon.etc version.  Last time there was some misunderstanding and one of the winners was in a country that did not allow Amazon e-book gifting, so be certain you can accept an e-book gift before you enter.  I will hold the drawing in a week and notify JKS, who will pass the winner's e-mail on to the author, who will then gift the winner his/her e-book.  Sign up below!

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