Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: The Dreamer Genome

The Dreamer Genome
The Dreamer Genome by Steve S. Grant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Speculative Fiction
Reading Level: Older Young Adult (17+)
Recommended for: Fans of science fiction, speculative fiction
Trigger Warnings: drug use and abuse, general violence, bullying, murder, infanticide
Animal Abuse: dog murder

My Thoughts: A very interesting idea, this novel is highly complex, with multiple strands interweaving across decades to deliver a story about various people, and have they are affected by the development of the Dreamer device. From the children whose DNA is modified to make them more able to tolerate the hibernation, to the people who raise them, to the people affected by the actions of the greedy head of STAM, this is a very delicate balancing act. And it is mostly pulled off very well.

I did notice a mixup in the timeline between the 40 and 50 percent area in the book. I was keeping track of the age of the kids, and therefore the year, and noticed that the time slipped back a year, while the action keep proceeding forward in time. Oops! I don't think a casual reader would notice it, unless they were doing the same thing I was, but it's there. I noticed a number of misused words, or questionable word choices, and some typos, but overall it wasn't as bad as some others I've seen.

I will admit, however, that I was quite enthralled with the story. I tend to appreciate more character-driven stories, and this one perfectly blended that character development that I crave with enough action to keep the plot moving. Fans of science fiction and speculative fiction should enjoy this story. The sequel should be out later this year. I'm scheduled to edit it next week, thus the timing of my mini-marathon of Steve Grant's available books. If this sounds like the sort of book you'd like, definitely check it out.

Other Books by this Author: I recently read the two novellas Original Strand (review linked here where formatting allowed) and Mining Games (review linked here where formatting allowed), which are set in this universe well into the future. Grant recommends reading those novellas first before reading this full-length novel.

Disclosure: I received a coupon for a free Smashwords copy from the author in exchange for an honest review (and to prepare for editing the sequel novel). All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: In 2020, a passionate scientist conducts secret genetic manipulations to give human fetuses the ability to survive long periods of hibernation. He is supported by a pharmaceutical tycoon who believes in his genius and realizes the implications of his work: Cryogenics... to prolong life… a one-way time machine to the future… unlimited financial potential to the company who develops and markets such a long coveted dream.

When the clandestine lab is voluntarily destroyed to avoid discovery, test subjects are scattered and raised in extremely different conditions. Unfortunately for them, their corporate parent is expecting a high return on its initial investment. Greed and personal ambition eventually overthrow the last remaining shreds of common decency and the experiment spirals down a dark path.

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